Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Fort Leonard Wood is a community of soldiers, civilian volunteers, and veterans alike surrounding one of the most prominent Army posts. The town is home to the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center (MANSCEN). The small town is united in patriotism and demonstrates service both overseas and in emergencies on American soil. The people demonstrate sacrifice in their response to natural disasters, having rebuilt their own community after a tornado for example.

Fort Leonard Wood covers more than 62,911 acres of land – 53,995 is used for chemical, engineer, military police, transportation soldiers, airmen, sailors, and international student training.

Visitors can tour the Fort or attend a graduation or welcome home ceremony to witness the support this community shows for the base. You can also visit the Pine Valley Golf Course, Frog Rock, or Mark Twain National Forest. St. Louis is a two-hour drive, while Springfield is about an hour and a half drive from Fort Leonard Wood.

The Road Rally team found locals had overflowing pride in their country and overwhelming support for those serving in the military. Captain and Clark said this is “a town that from the museums to the barracks would escort you through a thorough and deep understanding of what it means to be an American soldier and the honor that comes with it.”

The communities surrounding Fort Leonard Wood are an eclectic mix of cultures and creeds. All are related in some way to our military forces worldwide as well as the Fort Leonard Wood proper. We support our troops in all ways; family, social, business, recreation, and friendship. Our patriotism is seen every day in the interaction with our active, retired and prior service veterans. We will stand for no disrespect or dishonor to our troops.
Reviewed by ElbowInn
on September 17, 2012
I've been involved with Ft. Leonard Wood since 1968 watcing my boyfriend go through basic training. Every tour brought me home to Missouri. I wish I was able to discrible the feelings of patriotism that come from this post and all the little towns around it. We are all one big family supporting not only the military community but the civilian community. We now have a beautiful Veteran's Cemetery and in the near future will have a new Military Museum. Come see our flags flying, our tanks, ships anchors, jet planes, and boats. Ft. Leonard Wood has it all!
Reviewed by meagnl8agn
on September 17, 2012
An Army installation that makes us proud. FLW has grown and developed from the time of its inception in 1940, and continues to produce the most able service men
Reviewed by Ulysses
on September 17, 2012
This is the most Patriotic Post I have been on. And Waynesville is a Awesome town rich with history and great people !!!
Reviewed by Derreck72
on September 17, 2012
A beautiful area full of history and patriotic pride. I work at Fort Leonard Wood and I love being part of this post and all they stand for.
Reviewed by Joeyzgirl
on September 17, 2012
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