Clarksville, Tennessee


2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Clarksville is the proud home of the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division. This town completely rallies around their military and wrote more celebratory reviews than any other town on Best of the Road. The city has volunteer welcoming patrons for soldiers returning from service and organizations like Bikers Who Care that support the troops. They even have children in a neighborhood color guard who help a veteran conduct a flag raising ceremony every holiday.

The people are so patriotic they host regular appreciation events, have painted murals around town, hang ‘Welcome Home’ signs when troops return, and provide military discounts. Captain and Clark met veterans who still give back and support their neighbors and said, “We were able to see and do so much, but what really stood out to us were the people that we met.”

Visitors should be sure to see Liberty Park, the Clarksville Marina, and the Downtown Market while in town. The Downtown Market is hosted every Saturday during summer and most of fall. Otherwise known as the “farmer’s market,” the event helps support local businesses and promotes healthy eating.

Over summer you can enjoy live outdoor music during Riverfest and anytime you can tour the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center. Parks After Dark is a popular summer program, which offers concerts and “Movies in the Park” screenings.

I have lived in Clarksville for 16 years. I love this town for how patriotic it truly is. We have a parade in the center of town a couple of times a year. A couple of years ago, there were hundreds of soldiers marching shoulder to shoulder in the parade. The parade observers stood and put their hands over their hearts as the soldiers passed. Just remembering it brings tears to my eyes. We are so very honored to have these men and women in our town. God bless Clarksville, TN and the U.S.A.
Reviewed by Paulag
on September 17, 2012
When I hear "Patriotism", I think of the men and women of the US Armed Forces in my home of Clarksville TN. The presence of the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division and the rest of the soldiers at Fort Campbell KY, which borders Clarksville TN, brings an overwhelming feeling of pride everywhere you look and go in the Clarksville/Fort Campbell community. I have lived in Clarksville since I moved here from California in 1974 and I am proud to call Clarksville home. Everywhere you go in Clarksville you see and feel the presence of the US Military, and you can’t help but feel proud to be an American. Bipartisan politics is not a part of the political world in Clarkesville, it does not matter what your political background or beliefs are Democrat or Republican, in Clarksville you are American and Patriotic and support the USA and the US Military PERIOD. There is no other option if you want to stay and live in and around Clarksville TN. The MOST Patriotic place in America!!! God Bless America, You and Your Family, and God Bless and Keep the Soldiers of the US Military and Their Families Safe and Protected With Your Love.
Reviewed by BigPapaFox
on September 17, 2012
Clarksvillians are Proud to be Americans due to the wonderful service our soldiers do.
Reviewed by mfox528
on September 17, 2012
I moved to Clarksville, TN from the beautiful small town a little east of the capitol. I love Clarksville and I love the way Clarksville gets behind their many thousand soldiers that deploy every year and are welcomed home to new babies, weddings, and celebrations. Clarksville is the most patriotic of places. So patriotic that Lifetime choose Clarksville as their base to film the Coming Home series of soldiers coming back from war. There is no better time to be an AMERICAN and no better time to live in Clarksville, TN. Thank you to the 101st, 160th, and the many family members that we see everyday continuing to live while waiting for there soldier to come home. HOORAY....
Reviewed by tslaven
on September 17, 2012
As a military service member I have lived in many different cities around the world. When returning from deployments I always know when I am home in Clarksville Tennessee by the words of appreciation that I receive from friends and strangers. American flags fly 365 days a year in this great southern city.
Reviewed by DavidMcLaughlin
on September 17, 2012
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