Keokuk, Iowa


2013 Best Small Towns in America

Contest ends:  September 3, 2013

336 Votes - "Friendliest"
8 Votes - "Most Beautiful"
5 Votes - "Best for Geocaching"
3 Votes - "Most Fun"
1 Votes - "Most Patriotic"
I moved to Keokuk from Duluth, Minnesota when I was 12. I was a little afraid that I might have a hard time making friends. Friends are very important at that time of life. Within a month I had been included in a group and was having more fun than I ever had. I wish I could have spent all my school years in Keokuk, but it was not to be. When I was 16 my father's job necessitated another move. I was heart broken. But life goes on and many years and many moves found me longing for my Iowa home. I checked on line and found I could purchase a lovely home for a third of the cost anywhere else. My old friends welcomed me back after 45 years. A cousin included me in several activities and before I knew it I was fully involved in the life of the community of Keokuk. Keokuk has "big water" forests, farmland, beautiful views, and shopping. It is less than an hour from 2 larger cities. But the thing that makes Keokuk a wonderful place to be is the people. They are warm and inclusive. And they always have been. Am I sorry I moved 2,000 miles to come back here? Not on your life. My advice? Come home to Keokuk, come home to Iowa!
Reviewed by dsatthegrand
on October 1, 2013
Thousands of miles from home, but living in Keokuk is my 'home away from home' It is one of the most friendly,welcoming and lovely towns on planet Earth! I love this town because it generates a power of welcoming everyone who comes here! I have had the opportunity with my family to be a part of the community, take part in events,festivities,share our culture . The natural beauty that encompasses this town enhances and captures the friendliness of its surroundings like no other! It is a small town where it is not unusual to see one waving or smiling because we know each other! Life is beautiful in Keokuk! Come visit us here. There are so many wonderful events taking place all the time! The historical and friendly town of Keokuk awaits your presence! No better moment than the present! Come and experience it for yourselves! The friendliness of our town extends and stretches far and wide like the great 'Mississippi River" . WELCOME TO KEOKUK! ONE OF THE FRIENDLIEST TOWNS EVER !
Reviewed by Prabello
on October 1, 2013
It's the kind of town where there is no such thing as a quick trip to grocery store. Once you get there you run into someone and end up visiting for 20 minutes.
Reviewed by BHB
on October 1, 2013
I believe most all of the folks in Keokuk are the "Salt of the Earth". Just like the old song says, "I miss the dear folks, and gentle people, who live and love in my HOMETOWN." I miss those people and their friendly, endearing ways. Wanna feel good? Visit those folks. And help them spread the word about what Keokuk truly does have to offer. It's about the PEOPLE, folks. It truly is the "Friendliest City by a Dam Site".
Reviewed by don't know
on September 24, 2013
After "escaping" my wonderful hometown, it's draw and the opportunity to rear my children in this small town atmosphere brought me back! Growing up on the banks of the "Mighty Mississippi", I did not appreciate it's magical pull until my return. It's power is present in all the available activities available throughout the year. We hosted the "World's Largest Street Fair" until the widening of Main Street, and I'm proud to say, we're in the process of bringing the activity back to "my home town". Through the tireless efforts and community pride, we brought our blessed Rocket Slide home after national attention during it's restoration. Many hours went into fund raising activities. Another committee is in the process of restoring the railroad station on the river front. The George M. Verity was brought home to rest and is a common sightseeing draw. If it's from Keokuk, like me, it will return to bring memories to a new generation. And that's why we will always be the proud, friendly, get it done community resting on the banks of the Mississippi and the Lock & Dam! Come to Keokuk, and experience the historical sites of a Civil War Union hospitals, yes plural, homes of influential people from the 1800's and a town rebuilding and friendly enough to welcome you and guide you on your tour!
Reviewed by nanaivy60
on September 24, 2013
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