Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Fort Leonard Wood is a community of soldiers, civilian volunteers, and veterans alike surrounding one of the most prominent Army posts. The town is home to the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center (MANSCEN). The small town is united in patriotism and demonstrates service both overseas and in emergencies on American soil. The people demonstrate sacrifice in their response to natural disasters, having rebuilt their own community after a tornado for example.

Fort Leonard Wood covers more than 62,911 acres of land – 53,995 is used for chemical, engineer, military police, transportation soldiers, airmen, sailors, and international student training.

Visitors can tour the Fort or attend a graduation or welcome home ceremony to witness the support this community shows for the base. You can also visit the Pine Valley Golf Course, Frog Rock, or Mark Twain National Forest. St. Louis is a two-hour drive, while Springfield is about an hour and a half drive from Fort Leonard Wood.

The Road Rally team found locals had overflowing pride in their country and overwhelming support for those serving in the military. Captain and Clark said this is “a town that from the museums to the barracks would escort you through a thorough and deep understanding of what it means to be an American soldier and the honor that comes with it.”

Every branch of the military is represented here: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. They train Engineers, Military Police, Transportation, and Chemical Corps in addition to basic training for Army. The towns of St. Robert and Waynesville are just outside the installation and the communities are heavily populated by former and retired military that have fallen in love with the Mid America "Americana Pride" that runs deep. There may be bigger places, but none with bigger American Pride!
Reviewed by Gamcbeth
on September 17, 2012
Fort Leonard Wood is the kind of town where a local will go into a restaurant and prepay $100 of lunches for service members in uniform. Our local history is rich with Route 66 being the heart of our community. Some of the "must sees" are the museums on Ft. Leonard Wood, and the 1903 Courthouse Museum in FLW's "bedroom" community next door in Waynesville.
Reviewed by Snoop71
on September 17, 2012
It is a place that takes care of the military and their familes when the service man is deployed. It is strong in patriotism!!!!
Reviewed by armywife
on September 17, 2012
This place is home. Always has been and always will be. And its really something to see people everyday walk up to a soldier, shake his or her hand and say "Thank you for your service." The even nicer part is, the soldier's don't "expect" it.
Reviewed by alsmith87
on September 17, 2012
Fort Leonard Wood is a great place to live!!
Reviewed by MrsChief
on September 17, 2012
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