Peachtree City, Georgia


2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Chartered in March 1959, Peachtree City is a residential area containing 90 miles of golf cart trails. As the golf cart capital of the world, the community boasts a record-setting golf cart parade each year on the 4th of July in addition to parades for most major national holidays. The people here are friendly and welcoming, hosting honorary celebrations for fallen soldiers arriving at the local airport.

There isn’t a local base, but citizens are proud of the fact that most have served or have family serving in the military. Locals have preserved World War II memorabilia at the Commemorative Dixie Wing Museum including planes the Dixie Wing still flies. Captain and Clark appreciated that the citizens “support their veterans, raise their children to be active and aware members of society, and all share a deep-rooted love for this country.”

Shopping and dining opportunities are plentiful in Peachtree City. Residents and visitors can enjoy treasure hunting at one of five village shopping malls. Restaurants feature eclectic and top-notch flavors from around the world. For adventure-seekers, Peachtree City offers multi-use paths, which many use for biking. Lake Peachtree is ideal for picnicking, boating, and fishing.

In addition to their renowned parades, the city hosts the annual Great Georgia Air Show, Shakerag Arts & Crafts Festival, Touch-A-Truck, and the Spring Garden Show. Locals love The Fred amphitheater, Canongate Golf Course, Flat Creek and Line Creek nature areas, and Tinsley Mill. The city is also a short distance to the Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport.

On August 1, 2013, the Mayor & City Council proclaimed "31 Days of Geocaching in Peachtree City". Gallery photo shows local geocachers in attendance for the ceremony. With approx 300 geocaches in the area, it shouldn't be to hard to grab one a day this month. We sincerely thank the Mayor, City Council & Staff for their support in recognizing the game of Geocaching in this city. Whether your on foot, on your bicycle or your golf cart, there's a "cache" to be found around most every corner. FOX 5 Good Day Atlanta Copy & Paste
Reviewed by Geoshark
on September 18, 2013
Peachtree City is a unique little city located just 26 miles south of Atlanta's Harfield-Jackson airport. Being transferred here from Arizona with a major airline we were looking for a town with great schools and activites for our family. We found that place and it was Peachtree City. Our town is ribboned with over 90 miles of paved golf cart paths that it's residents and visitors alike can bike, hike, walk your dog or commute by golf cart free from the traffic. It is not uncommon to see a family, all on various sizes of bikes, out for a ride or folks walking their dogs as Joggers run by. You see these paths are not just wide sidewalks but they run through the green belt that makes up almost 20% of the city. This green belt makes for the feeling of being in a woods far from a city, when infact you are winding your way from one neighborhood to another. The green belt and golf cart system, along with the local businesses and the city government, make Peachtree city ideal for Geocaching. My wife and I are active in retired racing Greyhound recue, hence the Geo tags Greythunter and MsGreythunter. The hounds love caching and seem to know when we are getting ready to go caching. On second thought, it could be the doggy Ice cream sundaes they get after a day of caching at the local ice cream shop. We have given talks at our local Greyhound club, our RV club and along the paths with families and Muggles alike the joys of Geocaching with your dog. All in all, Peachtree City is a wonderful place to call home and fantastic Geocaching destination. So y'all come on down for some good old southern hospitality and great caching. Cache on Greythunter
Reviewed by Greythunter
on September 16, 2013
Having lived in Peachtree City for 25 years I can testify to the remarkable structure of the city! You can golf cart not only to the hundreds of caches here in the city, but to the stores, restaurants, banks and the many lakes. You can bicycle or run or walk the beautiful green belted cart paths. Folks wave at each other and even gather to watch the sunset over Lake Peachtree. There are play parks aplenty where folks can gather with their children and friends. While we do have a huge dog park, you can find friendly folks walking their dogs everywhere! We have parades, celebrations, activities for the young and a gathering place for the seniors, a bmx park, a half pipe for the skateboarders, an amphitheather for entertainment and a fantastic fireworks show. And, best of all, you can GEOCACHE all 12 months of the year!
Reviewed by etrider95
on September 16, 2013
I LOVE Peachtree City! We have great weather almost year round, making it a PERFECT place to Geocache. It's an AWESOME place! The cart paths are wonderful for walking, biking or taking a golf cart for a spin around this fun city while adding smiles to your finds collection. If you don't have a golf cart you can rent one for the day.
Reviewed by TheDogWalker
on September 16, 2013
GC1B19K - Peachtree City, GA As we reveled in the joy of knowing we solved the puzzle, we made a recon run the day after to plan our angle of attack. As we huddled in dim candle light surveying the maps and contemplating the eminent dangers that lay before us. We uniformly agreed...Full frontal assault at dawn was the answer.(.18 on the GPS). We spent that night celebrating a victory we had not achieved and each one knowing tomorrow we could fail. As we approached the battle lines, we made short work of the creek & heavy under brush.(.12) We met minimal resistance from the local inhabitants.The ever present thought on everyone's mind..."Why did there have to be snakes"?. As we moved forward at a steady pace, we encountered a light aerial attack with minor casualties but no losses.(Mosquitoes @ 420 ft) We continued on slashing our way through vines and low hanging limbs constantly pulling ancient webs from our arms, legs and faces. (90 ft). We pushed ever forward, bobbing & weaving the whole way. As we made our last check on the GPS at 30 ft, our eyes lifted and there it was. We laid down a heavy ground cover with our secret weapon DWO (Deep Woods Off) and made the final assault. The prize, #600. Such a sweet victory. Quickly analyzed the contents, made the photo shoot, signed the log with honors and returned the cache to its resting place. Casualty list - Him 2 ticks, Her 0. This one will remain forever one of our MOST MEMORABLE FINDS. TFTC
on September 16, 2013
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