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2013 Best Small Towns in America

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Pacifica, CA hosts parks and beaches with coastal, mountainous views and noteworthy sunsets. Only 20 minutes outside of San Francisco, the city cherishes its smaller town feel so close to the city.

Visitors love Rockaway Beach, the Pacifica Pier, Pedro Point, and Skyline Blvd. It’s also home to Frontierland Park, San Pedro County Park, and Mori Point. Linda Mar State Beach is a favorite destination with adventure-seekers interested in surfing, hiking, and biking.

Each year, Pacifica hosts the Pacific Coast Fog Festival during the last Saturday and Sunday of September. The festival offers a hometown parade, plenty of activities for children, and a variety of local artists, vendors, and performers.

You can explore the town using the free Gold Line Shuttle and stop by the Sanchez Art Center, Coastside Farmer’s Market, or Pacifica Skate Park. Be sure to see Portola’s Statue and capture the hills, mountains, and ocean on film.

My family moved to this beautiful place 10 years ago and we still discover delightful places to walk, hike, eat, listen to music, see a play - our Sprindrift Theater consistently puts on great productions - one of the best local theater companies I've ever seen. Being only minutes from San Francisco, why pay city prices when you can get to pretty much anywhere in the city in 15 minutes or less, but once you're here in Pacifica, you'll have so many intriguing and gratifying experiences, you won't want to leave. Posted is one of our spectacular sunsets. Please come see us - drop into the library to check out a beach-read or check your email. One of our libraries is steps away from the famous Pacifica Pier - walk out over the Pacifica Ocean after getting a latte at the cafe - see you soon!
Reviewed by ThBall
on September 17, 2012
As you drive over the hill into Pacifica, whether the coast is spread in front of you like a blue and green carpet or shrouded in mysterious fog, it's one of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see. Pacifica State Beach is completely uncrowded, and so are the hills of nearby San Pedro County Park. Whether you like to hike, golf, swim or surf, Pacifica has what you're looking for, and a friendly, laid-back, un-touristy vibe.
Have sushi at Ocean Fish and get dessert from Pacificakes on Palmetto. Sit over coffee at the Chit Chat Cafe nearby.
At the south end of town, have crepes at High Tide or a romantic dinner at Barolo, or Moonraker if you'd like an ocean view. Stroll the beach at sunset, jog or bike along the coastal path.
There's lots of local entertainment as well. The Pacifica Spindrift Players are our local theater troupe and Pacifica Performances puts on concerts of all kinds at Mildred Owen Hall.
Reviewed by mlevie
on September 17, 2012
I don't live in Pacifica I just visit it often. As I start down the hill, on Sharp Park rd. a serene feeling comes over me. I see a glimpse of the ocean and I get a smile on my face. I marvel at the scenery, I have to convince myself that I'm not in Hawaii, I'm not on Kauai, I'm a short drive from San Francisco, I'm in PACIFICA! It's difficult to drive in Pacifica but not for the reasons you might think (its not the traffic) its because of the views in Pacifica, each day brings a new portrait. Not only does Pacifica have a fabulous beach, there is also room for hiking on the famous Sweeney Ridge, or Mori point for a sunset watch. More stunning greenery can be found at San Pedro Park which is what locals call "the back of the valley." In Pacifica I have it all of this beauty and serenity in my own back yard, the waters of Hawaii, the mountains of Big Sur, and the city life of New York, no wonder happy people live, work and play in Pacifica!
Reviewed by lovepacifica
on September 17, 2012
Pacifica is family friendly and is everything you could ask for in a small coastal community. The kind of place where you run into your neighbors and friends at the grocery store or a local restaurant. The views of the ocean are breathtaking, especially driving down Sharp Park or Fassler. Every area of this town has something special that makes you want to stop and stay a while. The other reviews said it best!
Reviewed by rcauteru
on September 17, 2012
Love living in Pacifica. I moved to CA from the Boston area and found the "neighborhood" feel similar to New England in Pacifica. Love walking in San Pedro Park. High Tides Restaurant in Pedro Point is yummy! Great concerts at the Mildred Owen Art Center. Sitting in the Pacifica Beach Cafe on Palmetto and getting a coffee with the locals. Pacifica is unique!
Reviewed by PTex
on September 17, 2012
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