Santa Fe, New Mexico


2013 Best Small Towns in America

Contest ends:  September 3, 2013

168 Votes - "Most Beautiful"
80 Votes - "Best For Food"
5 Votes - "Most Fun"
3 Votes - "Friendliest"
1 Votes - "Best for Geocaching"


Claiming to be the most exotic city in North America, Santa Fe is cultured and diverse. Spanish and Native American influences make for fascinating food, art and entertainment with a rich heritage evident all over town. While the food stands out, Santa Fe has so much more in store.

Santa Fe’s food focuses on the local staple—chile—and visitors should prepare to answer red or green? You can’t miss the New Mexican, Southwestern offerings, but the town has every other cuisine imaginable. Our team was thrilled with The Pantry, Maria’s, Marble Brewery, Rooftop Pizzeria and Coyote Café on their visit.

With the third largest art market in the U.S., Santa Fe boasts hundreds of art galleries, a variety of museums, opera and trademark architecture. View Pueblo and Greek-revival styles in protected historic districts, browse a gallery or attend one of several annual art markets, and take in the performing arts whether theater, dance or music. The town offers a dozen museums, four concentrated on Museum Hill near shopping and dining as well.

Outdoor recreation is a must in a destination that promises 300 sunny days each year. Hike, bike or swim in the summer and ski or ice skate in the winter. Families can choose between horseback riding, rafting, fishing or even riding a hot air balloon over the beautiful view in the valley below the Rocky Mountains. There’s even more to see and do discussed in Santa Fe’s reviews.

While this is a wonderful town to visit for a short time, it is horrible to live in if you are not a multi millionaire. The difference between those who are working there ( yes even degreed people are discriminated against) and those who "own" the town are huge. Jobs are only there for a select few, who are related. Yes, if you are non hispanic and not related to someone, you will get the worst treatment with jobs and services. There is no respect for any kind of labor laws either. If you want a heartbreaking experience, try to live in Santa Fe. I grew up in New Mexico, and tried to re establish in Santa Fe after my husband died. Please do not let your children go here either. They will be horribly used. The economy here thinks nothing of expecting you to work more than one job just to keep a roof over your head.
Reviewed by cactusrose
on May 24, 2012
Love Santa Fe!!! It's so fun and great food.
Reviewed by ChristyMcAdams
on May 24, 2012
Santa Fe is a unique and magically beautiful town. The best small town in the US!
Reviewed by nnn
on May 24, 2012
Clean air and sunny skies. Beautiful!
Reviewed by swh711
on May 24, 2012
I have enjoyed 20 years of laid-back-chill, and would not trade it for the convenience of a city. Don't come to Santa Fe expecting to live like you do in a city - things move slowly, nobody is "hungry" and people aren't very service minded, which can be frustrating - you learn to embrace it. There is very little "generica" and just a few crocery stores here, and therefore you can't find everything you want or need easily - but you can find the unique and the artistic readily. Spring time is glorious when the trees are in bloom. Fall is equally glorious when the trees turn. Summer when it rains is unbeatable and cool. Winter just sucks - you learn to embrace it. It's hard to breath here because it's high altitude - you acclimate over years - you embrace it. Santa Fe is really awesome once you give in to it's limitations.
Reviewed by CSMckee
on May 24, 2012
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