River Works

  • Start: Wenatchee, WA
  • End: Spokane, WA
  • Last Modified: 2011-09-13 20:39:39
  • Total Mileage: 202 Miles
  • Number of stops: 3


From its origin in British Columbia, Canada, to its outlet on the Pacific coast, the Columbia River flows more than 1,200 miles. One of its more powerful, that is to say, power-producing stretches runs through the Big Bend area near Spokane, Washington. Eleven dams testify to U.S. engineering initiative. But the Columbia is just one of the rivers winding through Washington. The Spokane River, which runs directly through downtown Spokane, was the site of Expo '74. Riverfront Park remains even though the Expo left long ago, providing another opportunity for you to experience the impact rivers have on everyday life in eastern Washington State.

Stop #1:

Rocky Reach Dam
Wenatchee, WA

Stop #2:

Chief Joseph Dam
Bridgeport, WA

Stop #3:

Riverfront Park
Spokane, WA

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